Spring Break Online Film Camp - March 15-20, 2021

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15 Years of Film Education in Fort Worth 

Johnny Langdon Film Education Initiative

In 2019, 70% of film camp participants received financial assistance

The Lone Star Film Society believes that film education and our Summer and Online Film Camp experience should be available to every student regardless of race, gender, or financial status. 

Your donation supports high school students pursuing higher education opportunities, with dreams of working in the creative arts and specifically the film industry.

Hires instructors, rents equipment, and provides insurance for film camps

Provides one student a half-day of film camp

Provides one student a single day of film camp 

Provides one student a full week of film camp


Provides one student a complete two-week film camp experience

Johnny Langdon Film Education Initiative


Provides film education programs for adults as well as high-school-age students interested in the art of cinema. 


Programs have included weekend workshops in screenwriting, documentary filmmaking, film theory, and various film camp experiences for students looking to pursue a career in film.

The Lone Star Film Society, INC. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Fort Worth, Texas.