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Info about Festival Film Pass Badges:

Where to get them: Online or In Person at the LSFF Welcome Desk at Downtown Cowtown Lobby 

Price: $295 (includes Fort Worth Film Commission Party) or $225 (doesn’t include FWFC Party) 

Perks: VIP status to all festival screenings with priority seating, “Film Talks” panel discussions, Parking Code for specific parking lots, festival parties*, and All-Access VIP Lounge. Includes complimentary drinks at various events. 

*Does not include admittance to the LSFF Gala. LSFF Gala is ticketed separately*


Info about Festival Day Passes:

Where to get them: Online or In Person at the LSFF Welcome Desks at both Downtown Cowtown at the Isis and The Cowboy Channel Studios.

Price: $45 

Perks: Access to all festival screenings for specific day

*Does not include admittance to Film Talks, Festival Parties, including the LSFF Gala or Fort Worth Film Commission Party.


Info about Individual Tickets:

Where to get them: Single screening tickets will be available for purchase at each screening venue or online.  

Price: $10 | cash or credit | online in advance* or in person at the festival

*To Purchase a Ticket online:

  1. Find the film either on the Festival Film Index page, the 2022 Film Line Up page, or the 2022 Film Schedule page. 

Please Note: For Short Films, it is easiest to locate the title of your film on the Film Index page. 

  1. Click on the Title of the preferred film. This should re-direct you to the specific film’s information.

  2. Click the “Buy Tickets” button associated with your preferred film.

  3. Complete the payment and pick up your tickets at the Welcome Desk of the Film’s Screening Venue.


Can I buy a ticket for a screening later today or a future screening?

Yes! Due to the capacity of the theaters this year (DTCT: 500 seats and TCCS: 386 seats) we don’t anticipate being in a situation where we would be turning away and Festival Badge Holders. We are happy to be able to sell in advance both online and in-person.


I bought a ticket online, where do I go/pick up my ticket?

Tickets purchased ONLINE in advance will be retrieved at the Welcome Desk of the theater that specific movie is screening in.


It says Free Parking is included with my Film Pass and Vip Festival Badge. Where do I park? How do I make sure it’s free?

Parking is included at 5 specific lots for Festival Film Pass and VIP Badge holders (not Volunteer Badges or Filmmaker Badges). 

Filmmaker, Day Pass or Individual Ticket Attendees interested in purchasing the 3-day Parking Pass ($25) may do so online or in person. A special code will be provided via email, or is available at the Welcome Desk of either venue. The code is required when completing payment at the specific parking lot to receive the discounted rate. 



How early should I arrive for a screening?

We recommend all Audience members arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the start time of the film. This will allow them to Queue up and pick up any concessions (DTCT only) they’re interested in.


When will the theater doors open?

The Theater doors will be opened by a member of our Staff or Volunteer team approximately 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the screening.


How many seats does this theater have?

Guests will want to know the capacity of the theater or panel room. We have queue cards that will be passed out so that no one will wait in line and not get a seat. However, it is still your responsibility to know the answer and not overfill the theaters.

  • Downtown Cowtown - 500 seats

  • The Cowboy Channel Studio - 368 seats


Are there concessions? Can I bring food/drinks into the theater?

No outside food or beverage is allowed. 

  • Food Options: popcorn, chips, candy

  • Drink Options: Full-service bar (wine, beer, liquor). All drinks MUST be in one of their special containers with a lid. 

  • Bar Hours: Changes daily, please check with DTCT staff.

  • Blackland Distillery Happy Hours: Thurs-Sat 5pm - 6:30pm UPSTAIRS in the Film Festival Happy Hour Lounge. Will include light bites and complimentary Blackland Distillery drinks. 1-2 Drinks are hosted by LSFF for Festival Badge holders, non-Badge Holder Attendees may join but will need to pay for drinks. 


The Cowboy Channel Studio: 

No outside food or beverage is allowed. 

  • No food or drink options are available.

  • Martin House Brewing Co. Happy Hour: Saturday 5pm - 5:30pm and 7pm - 7:30pm, Drinks will be available between 5:30pm - 7pm to those attending Short Block #7 only. They will be exclusively serving Martin House Awesome Sauce, a sour alcoholic seltzer.


Where is this venue?

(Not to be confused with the Cowboy Channel Bar on Exchange St.) 

(Fort Worth Stockyards next door to Taco Heads)

Here is a downloadable .pdf Festival Venue map.

Here is a link for an interactive Google Map.


Do I have an assigned seat in the theater? Are there seat numbers?

Once inside the theater we have open seating. Seat selection is based upon first come, first serve. Festival Badge Holders have priority access to the theater, therefore priority selection. Followed by Day Pass Wristband Holders, then Individual Ticket Holders. Those individuals needing special assistance (handicap access, slower moving/canes) will be allowed to enter the theater before Festival Badge holders, as needed. 


What does the number on my Queue Card mean? I have number 1, does that mean I go in first? Is this my seat number in the theater?

The numbers are used for internal count purposes to ensure we don’t accidentally overfill a theater. They have no relevance to the guests entrance order or seat in the theater. We do not admit guests based upon their Queue Card number (a la Southwest Airlines) but rather their physical place in line when the theater do opens. Confused? Don’t worry about it. Just know that the Queue # is used purely for internal counts.


I have a Film Pass Badge and my friend has a ticket, can they stand in line with me?

The Badge Holder’s line is exclusively for Festival Badge holders, so their guest(s) would not be able to join them in the Badge line. That being said, the Badge holder can certainly hold a seat for their guest once they are inside the theater.


I’m planning on going to the next Block/Film after this, may I just stay in the theater?

No. We do ask that each theater is emptied between screening blocks, so that our team may clear any debris (programs, Queue Cards, cups, waste) between blocks and our Tech Team can run a Technical Check for the upcoming block to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Do I have to have a new Queue Card for every film, in ADDITION to a ticket?

Yes. You need either a badge + Queue Card to enter the screening OR a Ticket + Queue Card to enter the screening. 

New Queue Cards are distributed for each film, as they have information that corresponds to each particular screening. Once the film is completed and you have voted, you can recycle your Queue Card.


How do I scan a QR code?

Easy! Just point the camera from your smartphone at the QR code and a link will pop up on your screen. Click the link and it will take you directly to the ballot for voting.


I forgot to vote earlier, can I still vote?

Yes! Check with the Welcome Desk at either location to scan a previous film's QR code to vote. Please know, we ask that you only vote once per film. Voting closes on Saturday evening to allow time to prepare for the Saturday night Film Awards. 


When will the Winners be announced and where can I find out who won?

Winners will be announced after the Film Awards (DTCT Saturday 10:15 pm). They will be posted on our Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well as on the website on Sunday/Monday after the Festival ends.


Who worked on this film/how long is it?

The best reference will be the LSFF Program book.  Make sure you have one handy.  It always helps knowing the title, director, and actors if possible as well as any other useful information. Guests will have questions about this and it will make things easier for you if you can answer them on the spot. The program will have a grid-style visual schedule that will help you see what time the film estimated time the screening ends and  includes the run time of the film (in minutes). Please note, if there is a Q&A after a film with the filmmakers, this will add an additional 15 minutes to the film’s run time.


Is there a screening, panel, Q&A or event coming up?

People like to ask these questions so they can prepare for the rest of their day. You can get this info from a program or any of our staff members. Keep a program handy to help you through this. In general, many of our screenings will have a Q&A with filmmakers following the film. These Q&A’s typically last about 15 minutes. 


Can we meet the actors/director?

We have MANY of the filmmakers joining us for the Festival. If they are in attendance, they love to speak with the audience (who doesn’t love verbal praise?) and will be around after the film for Q&A’s. Q&A’s take place after the screenings and will be noted in the program. If unsure, feel free to ask a staff member at the Welcome Desk, as we should be aware which filmmakers are in attendance. 


Where is Lost & Found?

Lost and found items will be held at the Welcome Desk or either venue for the duration of the Festival. After the Festival ends, we will surrender the items to the specific venue for safekeeping and retrieval. 

If you happen to find something that you believe someone may have misplaced or lost, please turn it into the theater's welcome desk or a Volunteer/Staff Member immediately. If you have lost something, please get share your name, phone number and description of the lost item with a Volunteer or Staff Member for further follow up. Please know, LSFF and the Host Venues cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. 


Do we get to vote for our favorite film?

Yes, we have digital surveys/ballots after every film. They will scan the QR code on their Queue Card to vote. Please note, some films are not “in competition” and therefore not eligible for voting - see below.


Why would a film not be “in competition”/ What’s a “Special Screening”?

If a film is shared with us from a studio for a special advanced screening before opening nationwide, already has distribution, was not submitted via our traditional avenues, or has some sort of conflict of interest (production included a LSFF Staff Member) we remove it from being eligible for awards. We call these films “Special Screenings”. 2022 Special Screenings include: Butcher’s Crossing, Volver, John Ware Reclaimed, Living, Show Business Is My Life - But I Can’t Prove It (A Film About Gary Mule Deer), Theaters of War, The Birth & History of Western Swing, and The Colonel’s Playbook.


Who runs the Film Festival?

The Lone Star Film Festival is produced and hosted by the Lone Star Film Society, a 501c3 nonprofit. The Film Society has year-round programming, including several Youth Film Camps. For more info about donating to or joining the Film Society, please click here. Chad Mathews is the Executive Director of the Lone Star Film Society.


How do I get involved?

Check out the website and share your information with us on our Volunteer page. We can use assistance year-round. Also, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up to date with news and events.


What’s happening with The Gala this year?

The Film Festival Gala is at the Hotel Drover, Friday evening 6pm - 10pm, with an After Party from 10pm - 12am at Second Rodeo Brewing. This year’s honorees are Taylor Sheridan, Ryan Bingham, and LaMonica Garrett. All proceeds from this event go to support the Lone Star Film Society and Johnny Langdon Film Education Initiative Programs year-round. 


Can I go to the Gala?

It is a separately ticketed event and not included with the regular Film Pass. The Gala is completely sold out for this year, so unfortunately individual tickets are not available. Our VIP Badge does include a Gala seat, in addition to other perks.

The After Party, the Fort Worth Film Commission Party, is also a separately ticketed event and not included with the Film Pass; walk-up tickets are based upon availability the evening of the event. They are $75/per person and include an open bar (wine, beer) and live music.


I went / am going to the Gala, where’s my Festival VIP Badge?

All attendees of the Gala receive a VIP Badge as part of their attendance. Rather than distribute during the Gala on Saturday evening, Gala guests are welcome to pick up their badge anytime during the Festival at the DTCT Welcome Desk.


What if a Festival Attendee is acting inappropriately?

Whether they are being physically aggressive, verbally abusive, disrespecting physical property, appear to have been over-served, or are harassing a staff or audience member, please alert a Staff member immediately. We reserve the right to revoke access to the Festival at any time, based upon our discretion, and will address the situation accordingly. Please review our Code of Conduct.

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